Damon Brooks Releases New Book “Embracing Inclusion: People With Disabilities Enriching the Workforce”

Marc Goldman, Founder of DBA has just released a new publication designed to break down stereotypes and open employment opportunities for those with a disability. Embracing Inclusion features over 100 profiles and photographs demonstrating ability and not disability in the work place. Those profiled represent people from across America as well as several foreign countries.

The book is truly a story of inclusion.  Introduced by President George H. Bush, who signed the American With Disabilities Act and Dr. Temple Grandin, Embracing Inclusion has become an important tool for potential employers. It has given parents a sense of hope It is an inspiration to those with a disability.

Embracing Inclusion is currently only available through the Damon Brooks Office. They may be contacedt via email at Marc@DamonBrooks.com or by telephone in the Pacific Time Zone at (805) 604-9017. Checks or credit cards are accepted. Mr. Goldman is also available for speaking about the project and his 25 years as owner of the owner of the only speaker’s bureau that represents those with a disability.

 “I tried to develop an instrument that would highlight the widest possible range of disabilities, abilities, age, cultural, sexual orientation and all fields of diversity. I am very proud of our accomplishment.”

Marc Goldman

Welcome to Damon Brooks Associates

Damon Brooks Associates (DBA) is the only nationally recognized speakers bureau that exclusively represents professional speakers, entertainers, and trainers with a disability. DBA also holds the distinction of being one of the few small businesses that holds dual Certified Diversity Enterprise status from the USBLN and the NGLCC.

What it means to be a “Diversity Certificated” business. Each organization that is granted certification has gone through an extensive application and interview process. Certification is awarded to those whose management and administrative staff consists of more that 50% of any one of the diversities of the granting organization.

We are proud of our “Diversity” standing and we confident that we can live up to the standards and demands that are expected of a certified business. As a disability and LGBT owned business you can be assured that are mission of shattering barriers against those with a disability or who are LGBT in the workplace comes well before the “bottom line”. We appreciate you contacting our company when considering programs in your company, government agency, college campus, or non-profit organization that brings awareness to our diverse expertise.

Meet Gabriel Cordell


Gabriel is the only person to cross the U.S. using his personal manual wheelchair. His story is compelling and he tells it accompanied by a 30-minute documentary about his adventure. The full length feature film “Roll With Me” is nearing completion but Gabriel is excited to be sharing his triumphant story now.