DBA Embarks on New Book on Disabilities in the Workplace

President George H. Bush has submitted a letter reflecting his thoughts on his signing of the ADA and Senators Robert Dole and Tom Harkin have also contributed passages about their views on disabilities and employment.
2016 is being dedicated to the research and composing of a new coffee table style book that will feature pictures and profiles of those with a disability in the workplace. The mission of the book will be to visually demonstrate the abilities of people with disabilities in the workplace. Thanks to a grant from the Biella Foundation, the publication is a not-for-profit project and many of the copies will be distributed at minimal cost to those who can make a difference. The book is being titled, “Capital Investment: People With Disabilities Enriching The Workforce.”
Opportunities are still available to be featured in the book and pre-distribution orders will start in June. If you would like to participate or order a book, please contact Marc Goldman at Marc@DamonBrooks.com