Kevin-FrankebergerThere are many stories about counting your good fortunes every day, as you never know when your life may change. Such is the case with Kevin Frankeberger who in 1995, as he puts it, “I was nearing the top of my game. I had my own consulting practice and was involved in many wonderful community activities. Life was good and I was living the American Dream.”

Kevin was on his way to pick up his youngest son from school when a terrible car accident rendered him legally blind and in chronic pain. He could no longer work and depleted all of the family resources due to his medical expenses. His self-worth was disintegrated and finally that affected his marriage. Kevin’s story is not uncommon to those who have experienced such accidents. What makes Kevin different is that he has spent the last ten years going through rehabilitation, rebuilding and is now back at “the top of his game” again.

Kevin earned his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University and combines his past professional history as:

• Director of Development and Public Relations for the Boy scouts of America/Dayton, Ohio
• Asst. Vice President for Development and University Relations/Wilberforce University
• Principal Fundraising Counsel, Frankeberger & Associates

With his acquired and learned skills to develop programs in transportation, diversity, fundraising, philanthropy, and customer service, Kevin has become a polished speaker and certified WINDMILLS Disability Awareness trainer and presenter.