Andy Arias

AndyArias1635-355x401Andy is an inspiring speaker, actor and standup comedian with a wicked sense of humor and  delightful charm. Overcoming the odds has always been his driving force as he was born with Cerebral Palsy which necessitated many surgeries in order to maintain his mobility. During his formative years he was moved from foster home to foster home or to different group homes where he often endured less than a loving home. Andy’s volatile family upbringing did not make him a victim but essentially made him stronger and the person he is today. He looks at his past as the building blocks of strength and a learning experience to teach and inspire others. He frequently quotes, “You have to know true darkness before you can appreciate the light”.

As a motivational speaker he inspires both young and old with his brave and powerful story. He has shared his story with university and high school students, and Congressional leaders. His unique sense of vulnerability and honesty allows him to relate and be received by his audiences. Andy also uses his writing skills to inspire youth to follow their dreams.

As an up-and coming-comedian, Andy’s unique and no holds barred sense of honesty and integrity makes him a formidable comedian as he entertains in both the disability and LGBT communities. He performs throughout the Los Angeles and Northern California communities.

Several of his subjects include:

• Youth Empowerment

•  Own My Power- Freedom From Bullying

•  History of the Disability Movement