Geri Jewell

geri-jewell-la-gay-amp-lesbian-centers_3962197Introduced to millions as “Cousin Geri” on the 1980′s sitcom, “The Facts of Life”, Geri Jewell has risen to become a leading force in diversity advocacy. A noted actress, public speaker and comedian, Geri recently “came out” in her autobiography, “I’m Walking As Straight As I Can”.

Geri has become an internationally recognized and powerful and motivational speaker and trainer. She is famous for her uncanny ability to captivate the hearts of audiences by using humor to facilitate attitudinal changes. Geri brings to her presentations personal experience of having her behavior and actions misunderstood because of her cerebral palsy. By sharing her disability as her greatest blessing, and revealing insights about the gay world as she sees it, Geri turns the focus from disabilities to a true celebration of ability, resulting in an inspiring, empowering and healing experience.

Geri continues to entertain many with her acting. She was personally selected to be part of the Emmy winning HBO series, “Deadwood” and received acclaimed in the series “Alcatraz. Most recently, Geri was honored by the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC with their highest honor – The Victory Award – and participated in the inauguration of President Obama.

Geri often shares her diversity background to share in her gay -themed presentation. She has played a active role on many Pride events on college campuses and has spoken at corporate gay awareness programs as well as having been features at the National Gay & Lesbian National Conference and The Out & Equal Business Summit.