Alex Valdez has been a professional comedian, inspirational speaker, and corporate trainer for over three decades. He’s been a stand-up comedian, both in the capacity as a solo artist and part of a comedy duo. He’s worked on stage, television, and film. Alex has provided national keynote speeches and instruction, on disability awareness and etiquette, for various corporations and federal agencies.

Traveling with his guide dog, Fabrica, Alex is completely blind.

Alex lost his sight at the age of seven, but still has total recall of everything he saw. Blue skies, puffy clouds, sunrises, sunsets over the Pacific, colors, stars in the night sky, full moons, snow in winter, and himself. His parents raised him no differently than any other child, providing opportunities throughout childhood that nurtured his attitude of fearlessness.

Alex began his career with guys like Jay Leno, Robin Williams, and Jerry Seinfeld. Pat Morita was his first acting coach, and became a lifelong friend and mentor. Along the way, Alex has worked with Steve Allen, the Smothers Brothers, Marilu Henner, Betty White, Jim O’Brien, and Bill Dana. He’s been on television programs such as “Evening at the Improv”, “VH1 Stand-Up Spotlight” with Rosie O’Donnell, “Nashville Now”, “Look Who’s Laughing”, “Phil Donahue”, and “The Marilu Henner Show”.

Alex has performed in comedy clubs from New York to Hawaii, and every large and small town in between. He’s appeared on film, television and radio, as well as featured in newspaper and magazine articles. As a keynote speaker and trainer, he has worked with both corporations and federal agencies. And at one time, was a regular diversity trainer for the FBI.

Alex continues to work as a keynote speaker and trainer, traveling nationally, to advocate on disability awareness and etiquette.

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