Frequently we find that many college departments do not have budgets to accommodate speakers. Although, we have been recognized for working within limited budgets, we have found that many campuses can benefit by joining other departments. In this way greater attendance is generated. More students become aware on campus and funds become combined. Disabilities, as we are all aware, crosses all diversities and subject areas. Most of our speakers can accommodate the needs of many collegiate departments.

For example, just to mention a few:
Rachel Simon – English, Short Stories, Anthropology.
Geri Jewell – Comedy, Special Education, LGBT, Women’s Issues, Media, Acting.
Matt Savage – Music, Autism, Education.
Mark Wellman – Adaptive Athletics, Forestry.

Marc is an active volunteer at the famed Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara, California and enjoys applying his art and design background to designing and creating contemporary hooked rugs and other artistic projects. He resides in the beach area of the California central coast and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Congregation Am Ha Yam which approprietly means people of the sea.