Sometimes we need a good laugh. Unabashed, down to our core, laughter. The kind that brings a smirk to our face, and lightens our day, as we navigate through life. 

Chris Fonseca is one of those people, that onstage, brings about that kind of laughter. He is sharp, quick witted, has a tight set, and easily does call-backs to previous crowd moments in his own show. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and performs from a mobility device. He uses his own background to add a layer to the show that only he could bring, and it works marvelously.

Chris has performed at the Kennedy Center, ABC specials, multiple tv guest spots, talk shows, and comedy festivals. He’s received multiple awards, including The National Association for Speech Disorders and the Colorado Arts and Entertainment Hall of Fame. 

Chris just finished a one hour comedy special and is currently on a comedy tour. 

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