My continued thanks to all who have received and commented on my book, “Embracing Inclusion: People With Disabilities Enriching the Workplace”. Many have asked if there is going to be a follow up. I have always given it a second thought as there is a dramatic need to visually exhibit that there are positions in the workplace for everybody. Although nearing my mid-70’s, I think daily about more walks on the beach and longer hours catching up on “me” time but there remains one more driving force.

In the late 1970’s I enrolled in a personal enrichment course at the Massachusetts College of Art. Little did I realize at the time that one assignment would change my life- to design a “Time” magazine cover that reflects a critical issue in our lives. It didn’t take me long to design a hand gun with the barrel focused toward the reader. The text simply read, “Guns Kill”.

Guns in America has not been a new thought to me. Now, with over 35 years of working with those with a disability, the answer to the question, “Another book?” becomes more impactful than ever. I reach out to each of you as I begin my research with one objective, to locate individuals who have become disabled as a result of a guns through accidents, war, in the line of duty, criminal activity, senseless violence or any other means. This will be a long and difficult journey. I am asking you to help in initiating the research by referring me to those who live with a gun injury. I look forward to your thoughts, referrals, and support. I feel this project is long overdue.


Marc Goldman