Damon Brooks Associates has a 30-year history of being recognized as the only speaker and performing arts bureau that represents those with a disability. In 1985 DBA founder and owner Marc Goldman began his successful career of matching Hollywood and sports celebrities with non-profit organizations. It was at a Hollywood fundraiser that a well-known personality brought an unknown comedian to Marc’s attention. What he did not know was that the comedian had a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy.

It was that inspiration that gave Marc the idea to start a bureau that represents people with disabilities. It has been our privilege to serve as a very special resource to the disability communities over these many years. Our client base has expanded to include a broad and varied group of organizations, from the smallest of local advocacy groups to college campuses, government agencies, and corporate entities.

For his efforts, Marc has received appointments to the California Governor’s Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities, Co-Chairmanship of the Media Access Committee and as a Board member the City College of Los Angeles’ Disability Advisory Committee. Damon Brooks Associates has also been repeatedly recognized in national publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Ability Magazine, Meetings and Conventions, Successful Meetings, Association Management, and Exhibitor Times.

“I have worked in the entertainment industry for twenty-five years and Marc has been one of the most professional, attentive and honest people I have ever met in this industry.”

Geri Jewell Actress/Speaker Hollywood, CA

A sampling of some of our clients:


corporate clients


• The White House
• Dept. of Commerce
and International Trade
• Office of Personnel
• U.S. State Dept.
• Coast Guard
• Social Security
• Architect of the Capitol
• Department of Justice
• Treasury of the U.S.
• Homeland Security
• Energy
• National Security Council


Associations and Advocacy Organizations
• Am. Academy of CP Medicine
• Ability Centre Vancouver
• American Amputee Coalition
• Challenge Center
• Coalition of Independence
• CP of New York State
• Cal Trans
• Disability Connection
• Environmental Ind. Assn.
• Epilepsy Fdn.
• Envision
• Fairbanks Resource Agency
• Family Support of NJ
• FamiliesTogether
• Footloose of Japan
• Granite State ILC
• The Iris Network
• Independence First
• Korea, Dept. on Disability
• Ohio Providers
• Society’s Assets
• Tennessee STEP
• U.S. Olympic Comm.
• White Sands Missile Range
• Youth Leadership Forums
• ARC’s of the US and
Stand and Local Affiliates


Colleges and Universities
• Adrian College
• U C – Berkeley
• Washington St. U
• Northwestern U
• Colorado State
• Florida Atlantic
• Kent State U
• Princeton
• Temple
• Yale
• Wichita State U
• U of Minnesota
• U Alabama-Little Rock
• E. Kentucky
• The Ohio St. U.
• U of Idaho
• U of Notre Dame
• U W Lacrosse
• E. Carolina U
• Indiana U NW
• Middlebury
• Rice
• U of Dayton
• U of San Francisco
• Kansas St. U
• Michigan State U
• U of Southern California
• U of Washington
• St. Mary’s of Notre Dame
• Bowling Green
• Eastern New Mexico
• Gustavus Adolphus
• Oklahoma State
• San Diego State U
• U of North Carolina
• U of Texas
• U of Nevada Reno
• U of Nebraska Karney

State governments within 41 of the 50 states