Barbanell 1Eddie Barbanell

Eddie is a native of Florida where he became interested in acting at a very young age. Although encouraged to think differently because of his Down syndrome he pursued and has become well recognized for his movie and television roles and his public speaking. He is actually a Shakespearean and classically trained actor but his public speaking reflects a much different side of his personality. Several of his TV and movie credits include:

• ”The Ringer”

• “Fantasy Factory”

• “Workaholics”

• “Jackass 3-D”

• “The New Normal”

In addition, he frequently performs in live theatres throughout Florida.

Eddie has a real gift of communicating. His thoughts on bullying, the Special Olympics and  following your dreams has inspired, entertained, and motivated college students and adults from the halls of Harvard to the steps of the University of Texas

Several other recent speaking credits include the Wyoming YLF and Villanova University. His travels have also taken him to Anchorage Alaska, Athens Greece, Boise, Idaho, and Ames, Iowa all on behalf of the Special Olympics of which he has served as a National Board of Directors member.