Kathy BuckleyBIO
Kathy is a gifted comedian, award-winning actress, accomplished author, and renowned inspirational speaker. Billed as ” America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne”, Kathy is also a five-time American Comedy Award Nominee as Best Stand-Up Female Comedienne. As an actress, she is known for her guest starring roles on shows such as Touched by an Angel and for her critically acclaimed one woman Off-Broadway show, Don’t Buck with Me/Now Hear This!

As a motivational speaker, she inspires hundreds of thousands of people around the world, sharing her story of overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles one can imagine in life, and how she met those challenges with dignity, courage, and laughter.

Kathy’s book, If You Could Hear What I See, will have you laughing and crying as you experience the amazing story of her life. She has received thousands of letters and emails of thanks and praise, regarding both her book and her original PBS special, No Labels, No Limits!. She was awarded the “CINE Golden Eagle Award” as the writer and executive producer of the special, and the “Media Access Award for Outstanding Television Special”.

Success, however, in the theater or any other medium, was far from her mind the first time Kathy stood the world of comedy on its ear. On a dare from a friend, she entered a comedy contest called, “Stand-up Comic Take a Stand”, in 1988. She was nervous. Not because it was her first time performing comedy on a stage, or even the fact that she couldn’t hear the audience response except by vibration from the stage floor. What made her nervous was discovering that she was competing against comedians who had been in the business for years.

Kathy’s success did not come easily. It took school administrators, psychologists, and audiologists nearly a year to discover it was just a hearing loss and not a lack of mental acuity that was impeding her speech and language development. Today, Kathy shakes her head as she quips to amazed audiences, “… And they called me slow?”

During her late teens, Kathy’s life was interrupted when she was run over by a jeep while sunbathing on a beach. As a result, she experienced intermitted paralysis in her legs. Her recovery took almost five years. Then, just six years later, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Undaunted, she has turned roadblocks into springboards, using her personal experience as launching pads for humor and the education of others.

Kathy has appeared on such programs as The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Inside Edition, Turner Entertainment Report, CNN’S Show Biz Today, Real Life, and Geraldo. She has been featured in several national magazines, including People as one of their most touching stories and has performed on shows such as Stand-Up Spotlight (VH-1), Comic Strip Live (FOX), Evening at the Improv (A&E), and Caroline’s Comedy Hour (A&E).

Although she regularly receives national media attention, Kathy is more than just a popular comic. Her humor has a higher purpose. “My comedy disarms people,” says Kathy. “I love to make people laugh, but I love it even more if I can teach them something at the same time.”

Among her many honors, Kathy has received the “Woman of The Year Award” from the Oralingua School, “American Hero Award” from the City of Hope as their role model of the year, the Toastmasters “International Communication and Leadership Award”, the Dole Foundation “Media Awareness Award” for her dedication to all people with disabilities, the National Council on Communicative Disorders “Individual Achievement Award”, and the “Hear Now Help America Hear Award” for her commitment to children.

She is a key motivational speaker for Anthony Robbins’ “Life Mastery Classes” and works to entertain and enlighten people of all ages, but her heart belongs to children. “Every child deserves to have a real childhood,” Kathy asserts. “And they should have healthy role models to show them that people do care about them deeply.” Kathy speaks to the child in all of us.

Whether performing in a comedy club, appearing on television, speaking publicly, teaching at camps for children and teens, or appearing in any number of other settings, Kathy Buckley brings her message that anything can be achieved when the heart and the mind work together.


No Labels, No Limits

Kathy talks about the labels that society puts on us and the labels we also put on ourselves. She addresses the fact that we subscribe to these labels, which can even modify our own self-awareness. Kathy inspires her audiences to remove the labels and empowers audiences to make a change, become self-confident, self-aware, and experience self-growth. Kathy’s message will free you and awaken the unlimited potential inside each of us. 

The Gift of Choice
By opening your eyes to the opportunities presented inyour life, you become empowered to make decisions. In this inspiring talk, Kathy uses personal examples to show that negativity in our lives is directly created by the negative choices we make. When Kathy was 20 years old, she was run over by a lifeguard Jeep at the beach and pronounced dead by paramedics. Instead of viewing that moment as a tragedy, Kathy saw the event as an opportunity of choice. That day, Kathy made the choice to fight for her life and vowed to live her life to the fullest. By learning from Kathy’s story, audiences will be inspired to make choices that better the lives of themselves, their coworkers, and the world.

Forgive Yourself to Free Yourself
To the external eye, Kathy has been wronged most of her life. She was wronged when she developed a hearing impairment. She was wronged when she was transferred to a school for mentally impaired children, despite having no mental impairments herself. She was wronged to have been molested as a child. She was wronged to have been run over by a Jeep. And she was wronged to have cervical cancer.But instead of holding on to the wrongs, Kathy forgives. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It frees you of the burden that comes with holding on to pain. Through examples from her life experiences and the people she’s met along the way, Kathy will open audience’s eyes to the power of forgiveness.

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