Louise-AshbyLouise Ashby is a remarkable young woman who has led a life full of amazing twists of fate. By all rights, she should be dead. Having come to the United States in 1992 from England, her goal was to continue her acting and modeling career. She had the looks, personality and talent to do both. And then, disaster stuck.
Driving down Hollywood Boulevard an elderly driver lost control of his car and smashed head on into hers. For the next eleven and one-half hours she underwent advanced brain surgery to save her life. All however was not well. When friends came to visit, nobody would let her near a mirror. Her face was sunken and misshaped, her head was swollen to twice its normal size, and her skin was scarred from ear to ear.
The road to recovery is a story of its own. It has taken many operations, over one million pounds, and 238 metal plates to reconstruct her face. It is an amazing story to see and hear about the life-saving doctors and the artists who helped her to again become a beautiful woman, well on her way to achieving those acting dreams.
Louise tells her story both in her book, “Magic of the Mask” and in her platform presentations. She gained international attention when she was a special guest on the “The Larry King Show”. Her message goes beyond her personal story from fame to tragedy and return, it teaches each of us about the will to live, recover and succeed.
Most recently Louise has been living in England where she co-starred in a new film, was featured in many magazines throughout the U.K. and Australia and speaking to corporations, and associations. She recently returned to the United States where she is developing Hollywood projects that will include a talk show, modeling, and acting in film, television and legitimate theatre.