Nina G is the San Francisco Bay Area’s favorite female stuttering stand-up comedian (granted she is the only one). She is also a disability activist and writer. When she isn’t performing at comedy clubs like the San Francisco Punchline or the Laugh Factory, she is playing colleges and presenting as a keynote speaker!  Nina is part of the comedy troupe The Comedians with Disabilities Act, which brings laughter and awareness to audiences of all ages across the country. She is the author of three books: Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy: A Humorous History, Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen and children’s book, Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities, that helps children and adults advocate for their rights as a person with a  Disability.  Nina’s one person show, Going Beyond Inspirational, which is a comical exploration about growing up with Learning and Speech Disabilities debuted in 2015 and was featured CBS San Francisco Local.  Also in 2015 the first ever comedy compilation of all comedians with disabilities was released which featured the Comedians with Disabilities Act, Nina’s comedy troupe.  


Every Day Ally

Content Themes:  Customer Service; challenging internal bias; etiquette; building community.

Target Audience:  Corporate, non-profit, activism.

Description: Through humor, storytelling and direct instruction, Nina G shares insights on what having a disability is really like and what non-disabled people can do to be authentic allies.  Participants will deepen their understanding of what disability means, how to best serve individuals with disabilities in the role that participants play and how to generally be an ally.  Topics include humility, empathy building and how to join with the Disabled community.  This presentation can be tailored to the audience to achieve outcomes such as elevating customer service for everyone, collaboration between communities and clinical skills.  

Disabled Comedy Only!

Content Themes:  Humor, coping, building empathy, building comfort and community, intersectionality (race, gender and disability).

Target Audience: colleges, nonprofits, corporate events.

Description: Nina G has teamed up with professional comedians Michael Beers and Mean Dave for in-person and Zoom shows. The three comedians represent an intersection of cultural, gender and disability related experiences. Performance includes comedy and a Q & A with the audience that always serves up humor and insight!

Stutterer Interrupted

Content Themes:  Acceptance; developing voice; overcoming internalized stigma. 

Target Audience:  Can be modified as a one-person show or a keynote.  Perfect for non-profit organization fundraisers, conferences and college shows.  

Description:  Stutterer Interrupted explores what it’s like to be a stuttering woman in a non-stuttering world.  How does it feel when people constantly try to finish your sentences? When they ask if you forgot your own name?  How do you go from twenty years of hiding your voice to performing on stage every night?  These are some of the questions that Nina addresses in her show.

History of Stand-Up Comedy

Content Themes:  San Francisco Bay Area History, women in stand up, history of North Beach, Comedy Boom, LGBTQ comedy, Disability and comedy.

Target Audience:  Museums, libraries, colleges (theater/communications/multicultural studies), 55+ communities.

Description: Nina and OJ Patterson met while doing comedy in 2010 and became friends because of their deep love for stand-up comedy. Since the pandemic they have worked to produce a book that represents the multi-faceted history of San Francisco Bay Area comedy. Themes in the book include development of the artistic voice, the importance of finding community, navigating barriers and finding mentors. The Bay Area comedy scene offers lessons around diversity, innovation and the importance of emotional well-being that can help inform artists and creators of all kinds. Nina and OJ’s book is available for pre-order now!

Going Beyond Inspirational

Content Themes:  Disability affirmation; Disability experience; motivational for teachers, parents and helping professionals; stigma; advocacy.  

Target Audience:  Can be modified as a one-person show or a keynote.  Perfect for non-profit organization fundraisers, conferences and college shows.

Description: “How many people with Disabilities does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Answer: “One to screw it in and 5 able-bodied people to say, ‘you are such an inspiration!'”

This joke is a favorite in Nina G’s stand-up comedy routine.  It brings to light (no pun intended) the struggle that people with Disabilities contend with living in an able-bodied society that reduces them to images of “inspirations” who “overcome” as opposed to normalization.  Nina challenges perceptions about Disability in her appropriately titled show, Going Beyond Inspirational.  Going Beyond Inspirational deals with the pain, joys, and revelations growing up with Speech and Learning Disabilities.

8 Not Very Secret, Secrets to Success

Content Themes:  Self-acceptance; building on success; community, pride, advocacy.  

Target Audience:  Youth with Disabilities

Description: Keys to success for youth with disabilities include: know your history, accept yourself, build on achievement, develop your talents, use your voice (advocacy or activism), use accommodations, self-worth, build community.  All these are discussed in this dynamic presentation that engages youth.

Past clients include: the Idaho Assistive Technology Project, Family Cafe

Learning Ramps: Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Content Themes: Teaching; learning; multiple intelligence; universal design; dyslexia; disability

Target Audience:  Addressing the needs of people with disabilities isn’t an accommodation, it’s just good teaching and communicating!  By making your classrooms, clinics and programs accessible to people with disabilities, you are able to address the needs of diverse individuals.  Through understanding Universal Design for learning and communication, participants in this dynamic workshop will learn pragmatic strategies to immediately use with the individuals they work with.  Workshop includes using multimodes of teaching and communicating so that participants not only learn about the topic, but are able to embody universal design.  This workshop can be tailored to all populations with disability as the focus or as an adjunct to understanding diversity issues.  

Learning Ramps: Teaching with the Brain in Mind (expanded workshop)

Content Themes:  Teaching; learning; multiple intelligence; universal design; dyslexia; Target Audience: Educators, job couches, independent living instructors.

Description:  Same as the workshop above.  This expanded workshop goes deep to explore universal design for learning principles and their applications.  It includes hands-on experiences to develop a tool box of strategies to bring into a participant’s repertoire of teaching, training and communicating.

Review from this workshop:  

“Nina provided an eight hour training for our staff on issues surrounding disability and universal design.  Nina delivered the information in different modalities, visual, audio and kinetic, which ensured each learning style was able to access what was being presented.

For Kids

Disability: Understanding, Respect, Friendship

Content Themes:  Disability awareness and celebration; kid friendly ways to be an ally, 

Target Audience: K-12.  Program is customized to the developmental level of the audience.  

Description:  This powerful and fun presentation is where Nina (or as the kids call her, Dr. G) offers participants a frame to understand disability that includes:  

  • understanding what a disability is 
  • building empathy and respect
  • developing tools to be a good friend

Dr. G uses this framework (as well as herself) as a tool to transform the negative attitudes within children without disabilities and to encourage students with disabilities to have pride in their experiences.  Dr. G includes a meet and greet with students who would like to interact with her after the presentation.  If possible, a lunch with students receiving accommodations can also be set up to encourage students to discuss their disabilities openly.

Totally NOT For Kids

Night Club Act

Content Themes:  Discrimination; Disability pride; gender; ethnicity. 

Target Audience:  Over 18/Adult-oriented material (i.e. naughty words)

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