AJ and Devin

AJ Paron-Wildes
As soon as AJ’s son started showing signs of a severe case of autism, she started worrying about his life and the many hopes and dreams she had for him. What you go through as a parent when your child is diagnosed with autism can really only be explained by someone who has gone through it. As a speaker AJ Paron-Wildes shares her deepest thoughts and worries through learning to understand autism and to understand her son. AJ has an educational background in interior design and specializes in creatingspaces that support autistic children and adults. AJ has also written a book on interior design for autism and her expertise and knowledge has helped many organisations and institutions.

Devin Wildes
As a child, Devin didn’t speak but he found a way of communicating through art – and he loved it. Devin is extremely talented and a true inspiration for people looking to gain a better understanding of life with autism. Many doctors, experts and professionals never thought Devin would be able to speak but now he shares his story with confidence and professionalism on stage.

The two speakers AJ Paron-Wildes and Devin Wildes are available for keynotes together or separately. Their connection and touching story leaves everyone in the audience with a feeling of hope. No one can provide a better understanding of life with autism than a mother and son who have faced the struggles together.

The Boy Who Spoke through his Art:
A story of determination, finding purpose and beating the odds
· In this inspirational keynote, AJ shares the story of Devin and his life with autism. This story is about a young boy that beat the odds because he found his purpose and passion.
· The audience will learn what truly motivated people and how anyone can accomplish the impossible if they’re passionate.
· The keynote ends with Devin speaking to the audience about his passions. It’s a remarkable moment since his mother was told he would never speak.

Design Empathy:
How to design projects and products that are considerate of neurologically diverse people
· This keynote covers how sensory integration can change how humans interact with the built environment. The audience will learn about Design Empathy and how it relates to the built environment and products as well as Neurodiversity.
· The audience will understand design strategies and how to create optimal environments and products and create inclusivity for marginalized communities.
· Besides learning the neurological aspects to how people respond to stimuli, the audience will also get a heart-warming presentation from Devin.

A Custom Storytelling Presentation
It is also possible to get a completely custom-built presentation around various topics such as mental health, diversity and overcoming challenges. Depending on the theme of your event or conference, AJ and Devin can customize content to create a powerful, emotional storytelling experience.

For more information about AJ or Devin’s virtual and in-person performances, please contact justin@damonbrooks.com