Artist/Musician Autism Motivational Keynote

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Jeremy Sicile-Kira is an accomplished and nationally recognized artist, and the subject of a  short documentary, The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira which premiered on National PBS POV in January 2023.

San Diego-based intuitive artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira is a synesthete – he sees and feels emotion as colors. Voices and music elicit colors as well.   Jeremy was one of the first non-speaking autistic students to graduate from high school with a full academic diploma. He gave a commencement speech using voice output technology.  Advocacy for others like Jeremy who have no voice is an important part of his life. Jeremy co-authored a book A Full Life with Autism (Macmillan 2012) and served as a Youth Representative to the United Nations for the Autism Research Institute (NGO); as a youth leader for the Autistic Global Initiative, and as a youth advisor to the California Employment Consortium for Youth (CECY).  Jeremy attended Community College until he discovered his real passion: painting his dreams.

In 2012, Jeremy began to tell others about his dreams: dreams that he was painting the emotions of people into colorful abstract portraits. One night he dreamt that he painted ten of his paintings and had an art show.  Jeremy was encouraged by his mother to make this dream come true, and he began to paint in real life in a style described as intuitive abstract expressionism. In 2016 his first curated solo art show was covered by national and local media, resulting in a sold-out show and many private commissions. Awards include: 2016 ART San Diego Spotlight Artist; RMG’s 2016 Platform Artist of the Year, Finalist; Featured Artist Mission Fed Art Walk 2020. Jeremy paints private commissions of people’s portraits in his studio, gives talks at local schools, in order to inspire others. For more information visit Jeremy Sicile-Kira is available for on-line presentations about his art and his art process, My Life With Color.

The Artist’s Mission Art has frankly given a meaning to my life. I kindly read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious portraits, realizing each person’s true self. I love my life since I learned to paint my dreams. I frankly hope my paintings inspire only the good in people, and I greatly hope that I make a difference in the world with my art.

Greatly my mission is to show people their inner beauty and spiritual essence. Before I learned to type to communicate, I frankly lived in darkness. Gradually over time my mother and others taught me. Then I realized I had the ability to learn, and that I had gifts that were hidden until I was able to show others what I was capable of doing through typing. This saved me from a life of despair. Now frankly, I do the same for others – I have learned to give people hope by showing them their inner qualities. Frankly I love to see their surprise when they see the painting and read the description, that they have all these beautiful attributes.


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