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John Hendry

John Hendry

John Hendry brings both wisdom and life experience to his presentations, from a parent’s perspective, around inclusion, accessibility and raising a child with special needs.

He passionately covers the importance of acceptance, inclusion and facing challenges. A fierce, outspoken advocate for building a world that includes everyone.

His presentations engage the audience using real-life stories of the lives of real people with physical and intellectual disabilities. His message is one of hope and always relevant to his audiences.

He has a tremendous passion for Special Education programs and services built on his thirty years as an elected public school board Trustee. Passion that earned him two Cabinet Appointments by the Province of Ontario to Committees in the areas of Special Education and writing standards for the Accessibility Standards Act.

As stated by Charmaine Crockett, the organizer of the Pacific Rim International Conference on Diversity and Disabilities “This is a man who has a fierce passion for justice, a man who elucidates both the problems and solutions of issues that create barriers for human beings, a man whose rich tapestry of personal and professional experience humbles us all on what is possible to right the wrongs in the world.”

John sprinkles each presentation with humor and the kind of empathy that only comes from someone who has been there. 


Removing Barriers to Inclusion – A Paradigm Shift is Needed to Change Attitudes and Reality?

Held Back by Nothing (For parents of children with special needs, and associations)

Never Say NEVER -NO MATTER WHAT! (For teachers, paraprofessionals and faculties of education)



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