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Kathryn “Kat” Cressida


“NO ONE should ever have to face a frightening diagnosis… or gut-wrenching, lonely grief… or the heartbreak of substantial, sudden loss…but especially, NO ONE should face such a fate ALONE.”

NO ONE should have to fight for the right to be whole, feel human, to be seen, heard, and respected…and EVERYONE, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, deserves to pursue their passions, earn their livelihood… to LIVE and THRIVE.”

Everything seemed to be going ‘right’ for KATHRYN “KAT” CRESSIDA, a Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa grad from U.C. Berkeley, both in her first foray in Entertainment as a junior literary talent agent at the legendary William Morris Agency … and THEN with her 18+ year career as a voice over celebrity…

… until her life was turned upside down by a random, chilling, never-before-seen diagnosis of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans – a deadly sarcoma nestled dangerously under her brain – that would not only rob her of her face and her voice… but might well end her life.

KAT is an internationally-lauded Voice Artist whose credits include everything from hit animation series– “DEE DEE” in DEXTER’S LABORATORY, “UTA” in ARCHER, PHINEAS AND FERB, and F/X hit SOLAR OPPOSITES… to huge animation franchises – “JESSIE THE COWGIRL” for Disney Pixar’s TOY STORY, “ELEKTRA” for MARVEL, various BARBIE features… to DISNEY PARKS legends, such as “THE BRIDE” for all Disney Parks HAUNTED MANSION attractions… not to mention numerous AAA Video Game Titles, as well as a lead voice for ESPN and FOX SPORTS.

KAT’S unique spirit and resiliency were all she had to survive, when all ‘normal’ means of support and resolutions from the Health Care system abandoned her… when even her own Health Insurance (one of the finest Health Care Plans in America) abandoned her, reversing pre-authorizations for her risky surgery and recovery, leaving her near-bankruptcy and desolate and no choice but to self-advocate and fight for the rights of not only herself, but to become a Patient Advocate for any one facing a similar fate, and left without proper resources to get the medical attention and support they deserve.

AND – though her risky, innovative and rare operations and follow-up reconstruction procedures and grueling physical therapy were eventually deemed a ‘success’- KAT’S journey (as she reveals in her iconic TED Talk and many articles in top-tier media) through ‘the Darkside’ of our health care system, with its various forms of prejudice, marginalization, and outright callousness, left her with no foreseeable FUTURE… galvanizing in her a resolve to ‘FIGHT HER WAY BACK TO LIFE’… creating a tangible, achievable, successful template for ANYONE wishing to triumph over grief, loss, anxiety, depression, imposter’s syndrome, and PTSD.

KAT’S SUCCESSES over heartbreaking loss and recovery, TRIUMPHS over loss of life, loves, and career… VICTORIOUS return to a career as Voice Artist and Fan Favorite at Celebrity Events… her tireless work as a Patient Advocate for Women, Cancer and Pediatric patients…AND her awe-inspiring TALKS to re-awaken DRIVE and INSPIRATION in ANYONE who could use a SERIOUS DOSE of practical optimism and forward momentum through their own challenges (no matter the Industry, no matter the Topic or Platform and their ‘limitations’)… are an absolute MUST to galvanize YOUR EVENT.

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* UNSTUCK:  How to overcome your obstacles and tap into your own super-powered self.
* YOU BET YOUR LIFE:  How to find your way back to LIFE… when LIFE stacks the odds against you.
* BRAVING THE AFTER-SHOCKS – Taking on and triumphing the battles, traumas, and mental health milestones ‘AFTER RECOVERY’.

* RATED PG-13: The Voice behind your favorite Video Games and Cartoons shows you how to take on and defeat your own real-life villains!
* FAIRY TALES FOR REAL:  YOU are the REAL STAR (no matter what Social Media sez!) A safe, sane, healthy path through the ‘all about me’ insanity!

See Kat in action at her website created for our community – Kat Cressida Speaks



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