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Marisa Hamamoto

Marisa Hamamoto is the first professional dancer named People Magazine “Women Changing the World.”

A leading authority on disability inclusion and building a culture of belonging, Marisa was recently named LinkedIn Top Voice, and has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC Today, Forbes, Fast Company, amongst other media outlets. As a sought-after international speaker and performing artist, Marisa has shared the stage with Tim Cook at Apple HQ’s Steve Jobs Theater, and her clients and partners include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Red Bull, Deloitte, adidas, PayPal, Farmers Insurance, Kaiser Permenente, among other forward-thinking brands. Marisa is a stroke survivor, a late-diagnosed Autistic, and a proud fourth-generation Japanese American. She is the founder of Infinite Flow, an award-winning dance company and nonprofit that employs disabled and nondisabled dancers with a mission to create a more inclusive world, one dance at a time. Marisa is bilingual and bicultural. She completed her BA & MA from Keio University, Tokyo.


Disability Inclusion Through Small Actions:
Awaken to an actionable approach to allyship, inclusive language, and building a culture of belonging.
Audiences will:

  • Discover how disability inclusion benefits everyone, illustrated through historical examples where designing for one disabled person led to a revolutionary invention,, as well as through Marisa’s practice of inclusive dance.
  • Explore the essentials of disability-inclusive language. Grasp how a single shift in wording can foster inclusivity and break down negative stereotypes.
  • Adopt an inclusive mindset that leads to small actions that foster belonging in the workplace and other places in your sphere of influence.

Neurodiversity as a Superpower
Transform workplace environments into spaces where everyone’s strengths are recognized and valued.
Audiences will:

  • Gain an inside look of a late-diagnosed autistic’s first hand experience of navigating life and career both before and after the autism diagnosis.
  • Reflect on the importance of neurodiversity in fostering creativity and collaboration within teams.
  • Learn proven yet simple methodologies of creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Mental Health | Self Care as a Foundation of Inclusive Leadership
Empower your people to thrive.
Audiences will:

  • Explore innovative strategies to prevent burnout and effectively manage stress.
  • Learn how prioritizing self-care enhances leadership qualities and sparks creativity.
  • Discover the benefits of mindful movement and find a practice that suits you.

Asian American Trailblazer
As a bilingual and bicultural 4th generation Japanese American, born between a 3rd generation Japanese American father from Hawaii and a native Japanese mother, Marisa knows what it feels like to not belong: Not American enough in America, not Japanese enough in Japan.  Despite this, through lots of soul-searching and trial and error, Marisa found a unique career path that transcends these divisions in our society, and combines my passion for dance with a purpose of inclusion.

AANHPI Speaking Topics Include:

  • Finding Belonging as an Asian American
  • Overcoming Adversity from an Asian American Lens
  • Movement Mindfulness & Self Care


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