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Mark Hublar

Mark Hublar

Mark Hublar recalls when he was young, he always wanted to be a public speaker.

But when you are born with Downs Syndrome and the doctor tells your parents you would not speak, walk, or have any normal functions, in fact you should be institutionalized, that is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Luckily for all of us, his parents did not listen to the doctor and instead brought him home to help him reach his fullest potential. Today, Mark is living his dreams as he motivates, inspires and educates others about how he overcame the odds. Mark is recognized across the country for his abilities-not disabilities with organizations such as ARC of Indiana, National Downs Syndrome Society and Volunteers of America Midwest all having enjoyed his moving presentations.

The Focus of Mark’s Presentations include:


Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. People with disabilities ae human and want the same things most of us want; they just want a chance.

Business Resources

As businesses everywhere are looking for Good Employees, there is a large population that want a chance to work and be paid a fair wage. They just want an opportunity. “I share what I have learned working with programs like Work To Include to help businesses hire individuals with disabilities,” Mark Hublar.


Parents with children that have a disability need to know that there are options for their child today. Look at me, I can do it, your child can do it too!


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