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Nelson Lauver

Nelson Lauver was determined to overcome illiteracy forced upon him by Dyslexia and an educational system that chose to label him “unteachable”.

Nelson had dreams for his booming radio voice but the inability to read was stopping him from meeting his goals. At 29 years old, he sought help through an occupational rehabilitation program. Through professional and exhaustive evaluations, it was determined that as a means of compensating for his reading and writing disability, he had unknowingly fine-tuned his listening and speaking skills to extraordinary levels: the little boy who teachers had given up on was actually quite brilliant.

During rehabilitation he purchased a simple word processor to practice his letter and sentence structure. Not knowing how and what to type, he started to “hunt and peck” short stories about himself, friends, and the small Pennsylvania community around him. He produced many fine short stories that soon became the basis for his first CD, The American Storyteller.

Today the “American Storyteller” has become part of a nationally syndicated radio program featuring Nelson and his gifted voice. A syndication that everybody said could not grow, let alone survive, Nelson is currently celebrating is now heard on 68 stations throughout the Midwest. Reviews have compared his skills to Garrison Keillor, Charles Kuralt, and Paul Harvey — and his writing to that of Mark Twain.

His communication skills can be heard in two presentations that exemplify his courage and mastery of public speaking. Both “Rules for Surviving Hard Times,” and “Secrets to Success” demonstrate why his speaking has gained high praise from audiences at college campuses, association conferences and corporate meetings.

Several clients include: NASA, National Bureau of Prisons, Kansas Association of Casualty Insurance Companies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Partners in Policymaking-Tennessee, and the Youth Leadership Forums of Louisiana, Tennessee, Wyoming and Ohio.


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