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Pamela Schuller

Pamela Schuller

Pamela Rae Schuller was once diagnosed with the most severe documented case of Tourette syndrome in the country,

coupled with a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder and a whole lot of anger. From the depths of depression and grappling with suicidal thoughts, she wished away her differences. Through a transformative shift, Pamela began reframing her life and harnessing her adversity as the driving force behind her journey. She now stands tall at four foot six (and a half) as a globally recognized disability and mental health advocate and professional stand-up comedian. Her engaging, funny, and powerful stories resonate with audiences worldwide.


With the finesse of a professional stand-up comedian, Pamela seamlessly blends her narrative with the actionable tips and tools of a seasoned educator. Her tales of navigating a body beyond her control are not only captivating but also laced with unapologetic humor that resonates with audiences ranging from youth to corporate C-suites.


Pamela has addressed international audiences and clients in every state in the US, reaching 100,000+ children, teens, and professionals. Equipped with degrees in psychology and advocacy through art, a Master’s in advocacy and policy, and certificates in executive coaching and DEI methods, she has translated her expertise into a repertoire that instills pride in young people, fosters profound inclusivity in communities, and inspires innovation in corporate teams, compelling them to make strategic and audacious moves to strengthen their team through inclusive efforts. Her reach extends beyond the stage and boardrooms, with appearances on Netflix, Curiositystream, Doctor Mike videos, and NBC, and she has consulted on inclusion best practices with industry giants like Disney, Google, GEICO, and Salesforce (to name a few).


Pamela doesn’t just “tolerate” her uniqueness: she wholeheartedly embraces, loves, and finds humor in it. She exemplifies the transformative power of embracing our authentic selves and creating communities and organizations where people can do the same.



  • What Makes Me Tic: Comedy Disability and the Inclusive Community
    • Or What Makes Me Tic: Inclusion through Comedy and Storytelling
  • Tourettes and Torah, Lessons for an Inclusive Community
  • Seriously Funny
  • F– Your Fears
  • Finding Your Voice, From Stigma to Stage



Improv and Inclusion: An interactive, game-filled session, this workshop brings home what it feels like to create a team that truly values every person, their differences, and what they bring to the community.

Inclusion 201: Moving past a basic inclusive mindset and into concrete tools and goals, this workshop will focus on making your community truly inclusive.

Stand-Up Comedy Writing: It’s not just about the jokes – participants graduate this workshop with new leadership skills in public speaking, developing your voice, and finding your funny!

Storytelling For Youth: Everyone has a unique perspective and stories to tell – help your young people find and share their voice.

Team Building Through an Inclusive Lens: Flexible for the age range of your audience, this session includes improv, movement games, and a lot of laughter to get your community feeling like a cohesive unit.

Teen Leadership: A former youth professional, Pamela can design the right leadership experience for your young people. Choose from: Peer-to-peer inclusion, creating innovative programming, recruitment and retention, growing a community that values differences, and up-front public speaking.

Mental Health Check-Up: Explore the protective measures that support our mental health, including self-care techniques and building resilience. Particularly helpful for youth professionals and summer camp staff.

Elevator Pitches: Craft clear and engaging elevator pitches that use your strengths to effectively communicate your personal or professional goals. Ideal for business and corporate teams.

Smart, Bold Business: Alternatively called F– Your Fears, this workshop helps corporate professionals break down the barriers that are keeping you from being your most innovative and daring self.

Storytelling for Corporate Success: Our personal story is our best tool for success. Learn how to craft and deliver your personal narrative in a way that builds your business and invites potential clients and funders to say yes to you.

Sessions By Design: Does your community need something you don’t see listed? Pamela will create a program specifically for your community or team, with your goals at the center.
(Note: Every workshop is custom built for your community and the goals you have in mind. Most sessions can be geared toward any age group from elementary students to corporate teams, unless otherwise noted)



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